Seeding & Sodding

Planting Grass Seed, IA

Starting a fresh new turf can be a challenging project. Grass that is just starting out needs to be watered, treated, and cut in a specific way. Properties that need a lawn as soon as possible, sod might be the way to go. Chesnut’s team will prepare the soil accordingly, insert the grass, and do a full clean up afterwards.

While planting grass seed is a slower growth process, the end result can be more customized to your liking. The variety of grass types is much broader when seeding your lawn. Chesnut Lawn and Landscape can help find the best grass to suit each location, ensuring a long lasting, beautiful lawn for years to come.

  • Turf Damage Repair
  • Soil Tilling
  • Soil Preparation
  • Moisture Maintenance
  • Scheduled Treatments
  • Property Cleanup